Heritage Fruits and Vegetables in Australia

The pages referenced in this section come from a disc supplied by the East Gippsland Organic Agriculture Association Inc. Most of the data was compiled by one person, who wishes to remain anonymous. The data has not been seen or updated for some years, so the Heritage Fruits Society and its members make absolutely no claims to its accuracy – it is published here purely as historical documents.

Many of the references have been deleted, but the following will be found – again it is emphasized that the HFS makes no claims to its authenticity – and notes that the data was collected in the late 1990s, and has not been updated since then.

Key to abbreviations:

[Pettys] Petty’s Orchard, Melbourne
<Orange> Orange Research Station, N.S.W. (now closed)
[Burnley] Information from a list of apples growing at Royal Horticultural Gardens, Richmond Park, Burnley in 1896.
[Rip] Apples growing at Ripponlea National Trust Property, Melbourne
[Goodmans1914] Listed in Goodman’s Nursery (Bairnsdale) catalogue of 1914. Similarly 1906 {Goodmans95} Goodman 1895 catalogue.
<GRS> Growing at Gove Research Station, Huon Valley, Tasmania
(Bultitude) Described in a book edited by Bultitude (if someone has a copy, could they please email details to the HFS.
{Frogmore1875} Frogmore’s Nursery catalogue.
[Downings]. I think this is a reference to a book by Downings?
[Sci] A wax model of the fruit existed at Scienceworks Museum, Melbourne.
{Brunnings1942} Unknown reference
{Railton1880} Catalogue of Railton & Co., Melbourne

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