ANGERS  A good variety, above the medium size, dwarf tree.     According to Hartmann and Kester this is the commonly used rootstock known as 'Quince A' 


APPLE SHAPED  Of medium size, juicy, and very nice for culinary purposes; productive.   Medium sized fruit (the tree is a good bearer).  Medium.     Vigorous, spreading, small leaves. Flowers late, fruit medium, turbinate, small calyx in small basin. Good quality.  


CHAMPION   Very large, uniform fruit of excellent flavor; bears heavily when young; the earliest of all.  Medium vigour, spreading, medium sized leaves, flowers early-mid season.  Fruit medium sized, pear shaped, wide.  Medium Quality.  


DE BOURGEAUT  Vigorous, upright, large leaves.  Fruit medium-large, pear shaped with deep eye and small calyx, sunken stalk, slight neck.  BOURGEAUT  Fruit very fine, rich golden color, smooth, velvety skin; so far proved to be free from leaf blight.  


DE VRANJA    New introduction from Servia; recommended for its prolific qualities; fruit enormous, weighing nearly 3 lb.; very agreeable flavor.   Medium to strong vigor, upright, large leaves.  Flowers early-mid season.  Fruit is large, long pyriform.  Medium quality.  


FULLER'S  Regular bearer and a strong grower; the fruit ripens early; is one of the largest size; pyriform in shape, and a clear bright lemon-yellow color, highly flavored and tender.   Medium vigor, spreading, medium to large leaves.  Flowers mid season.  


MASTERS EARLY  A very fine early quince.   A good early quince.     Vigorous, spreading, small leaves. Flowers early but harvest late. 


MISSOURI MAMMOTH  Extra large, fruit of excellent flavor; sturdy grower, prolific and early.    Medium vigour, compact and spreading, medium to small leaves.  Medium quality, flowers early, harvest mid-late, poor storage.  Fruit large, round, with deep eye, medium calyx and sunken stalk.    


MUMMERY'S SEEDLING   Grown by Mr Mummery, Blacktown, NSW.  Medium to strong vigor, fairly upright and a bit spreading, large leaves hanging late.  Flowers early, harvest mid-late with a medium keeping characteristics.  Fruit large, turbinate with small calyx in shallow basin.  


ORANGE  Vigorous, spreading, small leaves.  Poor quality, flowers early, harvest mid season, good keeper.    


PINEAPPLE  Medium size.  Makes good jelly and first rate cooker.  Nice flavor.    Vigorous, fairly upright, medium small leaves. Flowers mid-late season, harvest mid to late also.  Fruit good quality, medium sized, pyriform with a slight neck, with a deep folded eye and a small calyx.   


PORTUGAL  Very large, pear-shaped, and a nice kind.  Late  Very large fruit.  Late.    Medium vigor, spreading, medium to large leaves.  Flowers early, harvest early-mid season, good keeper.  Fruit poor quality, medium size, pyriform, tapering towards calyx, with a neck.  


POWELL'S PRIZE  Medium to strong vigor, spreading, small to medium leaves.  Flowers early, harvest early-mid season.  Fruit small, pryiform, with a bit of a neck.  


REA'S MAMMOTH  large handsome and orange-shaped.  Early.  A large variety; fine colour.  Early.   Medium vigor, spreading, small leaves.  Flowers early harvest mid season.  Fruit large, turbinate, deep eye basin with a small calyx.   REA'S MAMMOTH RIVERS (For stocks)  


SMYRNA  Strong and rapid grower; very prolific.  commences to bear second appearance.  Flesh, when cooked, very tender with delicious flavor; ripens in April and will keep for months.   Vigorous, spreading, large leaves hanging late.  Flowers early, harvest mid season, medium keeper.  Fruit large, long pyriform or calabash.    


VAN DIEMAN  An early and heavy bearer of first fruit.   Medium to strong vigour, spreading, medium sized leaves.  Early flowering, late harvest.  Fruit medium sized, short pyriform with a neck, narrow deep eye with a small calyx.   






BERECZKI  Tree very prolific, even on young trees; recommended as a fruit of enormous size; flesh sweet; skin glossy, golden yellow, smooth. 










HERTFORDSHIRE  Large and good.   Large fruit, of good quality.  Late.   


MANNING'S SEEDLING  The very best quince grown; the tree is a strong grower and very heavy cropper.   


MEECHES PROLIFIC  Large, pear shaped fruit, very tender, and of nice flavor, fine culinary variety; a heavy cropper.  




PEAR SHAPED  Large fruit of first quality.  Medium.   Very large fruit.  Medium.    


ZUCKER (SUGAR)  Introduced from Asia; fruit very sweet.  


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