HFS Volunteer Workshops

HFS activities rely entirely upon the broad range of skills and experience of our amazing volunteers and their communal dedication. You too can get involved by participating in one of our Volunteer Workshops, which focus on maintaining and improving our collection and facilities. These take place at HFS's home base, the Heritage Block at Petty's Orchard in Templestowe.

Our workshops feature a wide range of activities, including planting trees, maintaining our irrigation and tree protection, picking apples for our Tasting Events, tree pruning, preparation for our Grafting Days and much else ... there's truly something for everyone! Most of what we do is outdoor work, some of which (but not all) requiring some degree of physical fitness. These workshops are also an opportunity for learning and self-improvement: they are a great way for volunteers to learn about fruit varieties, techniques and skills used in orchard fruit growing, tree pruning and propagation methods, safe operation and maintenance of farm machinery, and much more.

Here's what volunteers can expect at every HFS workshop:

  • meeting and working with other like-minded, friendly and helpful volunteers
  • an opportunity to learn new skills and apply existing ones
  • a time for chat over coffee and something nice to go with it
  • fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and the satisfaction of contributing to an important cause

HFS Volunteer Workshops are usually held from 9am to 12 noon on each month's first Sunday and first and third Wednesday. These dates can vary around holiday times, so keep an eye on the calendar below - or better still, subscribe to our newsletter to receive up-to-date information on everything we do. If you want to know more, the best way is to come along to a workshop and find out for yourself! Good news: there is no dress code, aside from footwear suited to uneven surfaces.

Aside from our Volunteer Workshops, there are other ways to participate in the Society's efforts: assisting in running our public events, behind-the-scenes administration stuff, applying some of your special related skills, and more. Please contact us for more information regarding these.

Upcoming Workshops

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