HFS Grafting Days

During winter, the Society runs several free public Grafting Days. Typically these are held at the HFS Heritage Block at Petty's Orchard, and also at CERES in Brunswick. These are our biggest public-facing events each year, where visitors can:

  • obtain scion (budwood) from many of our hundreds of varieties of apples and other fruits
  • request on-site grafting of apple scion onto suitable rootstock we provide (please note: ungrafted rootstock is usually not available for separate sale)
  • purchase pre-grafted young trees, ready for planting out
  • observe experienced and friendly HFS volunteers as they graft up new trees
  • ask our knowledgeable volunteers about all aspects of the above
  • join a guided walking tour of the Heritage Block (at the Petty's Orchard Grafting Day only)

At the events, scion and freshly-grafted trees are also sold at extremely reasonable prices. This is in line with our group's objective of making it easy for anyone to help in the preservation of unusual fruit varieties, as well as instilling an interest in this precious and remarkable field. The scion and tree varieties provided are primarily ones popular with attendees of prior Tastings and Grafting Days, and are ones which are typically difficult or impossible to obtain from any other source.

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