HFS Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days for 2024

Each winter, HFS offers a range of opportunities to acquire either young fruit trees or scion (budwood) you can graft yourself:

  • Our annual HFS Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days: free events we run where you can discuss your fruit-tree growing needs with us, buy trees and/or scion, and watch our experienced and friendly volunteers do tree grafting on-the-spot

  • Our mail-order service: order trees or scion on-line for delivery by post

More details about these options are given below.

About what we sell

The current list of apple varieties we have at Pettys appears at the bottom of this page. We typically offer scion from about a quarter of the listed varieties, selected based on popularity from prior years’ sales and feedback from our autumn Apple Tasting events. Due to variations in the maturity of source trees and their growth, we cannot guarantee that scion for a particular variety will be available. If a specific variety is a ‘must-have’ for you, please email us

its details, and we will let you know whether we can provide viable scion for it.

Also, only a limited range of varieties of apple scion will be available at our event at CERES. These varieties are shown in blue in the list below (once they are determined).

We normally graft our apple trees onto MM102 rootstock, which is suitable for trees in suburban gardens. However, we also sell a limited number of one-year-old trees with popular heritage varieties grafted onto M26 and MM102 rootstock. A list of these will appear here soon – but early birds do catch worms, so if there’s a particular variety you’re after, ordering early is recommended.

Our prices are as follows:

 Scion (each will have at least three buds)

 $3.00 per scion; $2.00 each for three or
scion of one apple variety

 Trees grafted on-the-spot on our Grafting and
 Tree Sales Days


 One-year-old pre-grafted apple trees (see list of available varieties below)


Please note that discounts on the prices given above are given to financial HFS members – see our Members page for details. You may find our prices to be surprisingly low compared to other suppliers, and for good reason: HFS’s main purpose is to ensure that special old fruit varieties will survive us all, and every tree we provide helps that to happen.

And if you have specific or unusual requirements beyond what is described here for example, if you need a tree to be grafted onto a specific type of rootstock – please send us your request by email to heritagefruitssociety@gmail.com . We will do our best to help!

About our annual HFS Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days

Each winter, the Society runs several free public Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days. In most years, one of these is held at the HFS Heritage Block at Petty's Orchard, and another at CERES in Brunswick. These are our biggest public-facing events of the year, where visitors can:

  • obtain scion (budwood) from many of our hundreds of varieties of apples and other fruits

  • request on-site grafting of apple scion onto suitable rootstock we provide (please note: we do not sell ungrafted rootstock separately)

  • purchase pre-grafted or pre-ordered young trees, ready for planting out

  • observe experienced and friendly HFS volunteers as they graft up new trees

  • ask our knowledgeable volunteers about all aspects of the above

  • join a guided walking tour of the HFS Heritage Block (at the Petty's Orchard Grafting Day only)

At each of these events, scion and freshly-grafted trees are also sold at vary reasonable prices. This is in line with our group's objective of making it easy for everyone to help in the preservation of unusual fruit varieties, as well as instilling an interest in this precious and remarkable field. The scion and tree varieties provided are primarily ones popular with attendees of prior Apple Tastings or Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days, and are ones which are typically difficult or impossible to obtain from any other source.

To further whet your appetite, here is our publicity poster showing details of each of the HFS Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days:

About our mail-order service

We accept orders by email for apple scion and/or pre-grafted apple and plum trees each winter until 15 August. Once again this year, we are making a broad range of trees and scion available. We can also graft apple trees with your chosen scion onto MM102 rootstock for collection or postage in September or October, once we are confident that our graft has taken successfully.

There’s no special on-line form to fill out to make an order: all we need is a written description of what you’d like in an email to us at heritagefruitssociety@gmail.com. By prior arrangement, ordered scion or trees may be collected at one of our Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days (see above), or they can be sent to you by post. We are happy to post articles to addresses in Victoria – or to other states, as allowed by biosecurity regulations.

For posted orders, an extra postage/handling fee will be required on top of our standard prices shown above. All payment details will be sent to you by email in response to your inquiry or order.

Pre-grafted apple trees available for sale

We will soon provide a list here of the varieties of one-year-old pre-grafted apple trees we will be selling at this year's Tree/Scion Sales and Grafting Days. Supplies of each will be limited - so if you have a specific requirement, consider using our mail-order service described above.

Apple Varieties in the HFS Collection

The full list of apple varieties in the HFS collection as at April 2024 is shown below. Please note the following:

  • Varieties marked with '?' are likely to be incorrectly identified. As mentioned above, we aren't able to obtain viable scion material from all of these in any given year.
  • At our event at CERES, only a limited selection of these varieties will be available. A few weeks before the event, those varieties will be shown here in blue.
  • Our source-trees of varieties with names in red have exhibited symptoms of Apple Mosaic Virus (ApMV). This virus is most commonly transmitted by propagation, so we normally do not provide scion for these varieties. Our long-term goal is to source ApMV-free scion for all of these varieties, which will allow us to graft up new trees and provide suitable propagation material from them in the future.

Adams Pearmain?
Albany Beauty
Andre Sauvage
Annie Elizabeth
Antonovka Kamenichka
Australian Beauty
Autumn Pearmain
Autumn Tart
Ball's Seedling
Batman's Tree
Batt's Seedling
Baumann's Reinette
Beauty of Bath
Bec D'Oie
Bedford Pippin Cross
Bedfordshire Foundling
Belle de Boskoop
Belle de Magny
Berner Rosen
Bess Pool
Blenheim Orange
Blue Pearmain
Bonne Hotture
Boy's Delight
Brabant Bellefleur
Bramley's Seedling
Breakwell's Seedling
Brittle Sweet
Brown's Apple
Brown Snout
Brown's Pippin
Bulmer's Norman
Butters Early Red
Calville Blanc d'Hiver
Calville Rouge D'Ete
Carolina Red June
Castle Major
Cayuga Redstreak
Chenago Strawberry
Colonel Vaughan
Coral Crab
Corio Red
Cornish Aromatic
Court Pendu Plat
Cox's Orange Pippin
Cox's Pomona
Cranberry Pippin
Crofton Red
Delicious Caldicott?
Delicious Glen Vimey
Delicious Hi-Early
Delicious Richared
Delicious Starkrimson
Democrat Black
Devonshire Quarrenden
Dewdney's Seedling
Doctor Hogg
Duke of Clarence
Dumelow's Seedling
Dunn's Seedling
Early Stayman
Edward's Coronation
Edward VII?
Egremont Russet
Eldon Pippin
Emneth Early
Esopus Spitzenburg
Fenouillet Gris
Forfar Pippin
French Crab
Fréquin Tardive de la Sarthe
Fuji Naji-Fu #2
Geante D'Exposition
Geeveston Fanny
George Carpenter
George Neilson
Glen Vimey
Golden Delicious
Golden Harvey
Golden Hornet
Golden Noble
Gooseberry Pippin
Grand Duke Constantine
Granny Smith
Green Russet
Hoary Morning
Hollow Crown
Hubbardston Nonsuch
Huon Belle
Huonville Crab
Hyslop Crab
Improved Foxwhelp
Irish Peach
James Grieve
John Downie
Jolly Beggar
Jonathan Red
Julia's Blush
July Red
Kandil Sinap
Keswick Codlin
Kidd's Orange Red
King Cole
King David
King of the Pippins
King of Tompkins County
Kingston Black
Lady Williams
Laxton’s Advance
Laxton’s Fortune
Laxton’s Superb
London Pippin
Lord Derby
Lord Lambourne?
Lord Nelson
Lord Suffield
Maiden's Blush
Martin Frossard
Mataraji Sophorae
McIndoe's Russet
McIntosh Early
Medlar Dutch
Medlar Nottingham
Medlar Royal
Melba Red
Mere de Menage
Merton Worcester
Monarch Cross
Murray Gem
Newton Wonder Red
Newtown Green Pippin
Northern Spy
Orange de Per
Orleans Reinette
Peasgood's Nonsuch
Pine Golden Pippin
Pink Lady
Pittmaston Pineapple
Poor House
Pott's Seedling
Prince Alfred
Prince Edward
Queen Cox
Red Astrachan
Red Delicious Starking
Red Granny Smith
Red Gravenstein
Red Limbertwig
Red Rome
Red Winesap
Red Winter Pearmain
Reine des Hâtives
Reinette du Canada
Reinette Marbrée
Rhode Island Greening
Ribston Pippin
Rome Beauty
Rootstock M26
Rootstock M793
Rootstock M9 Van Zellen
Rootstock MM102
Rootstock MM106
Rootstock MM111
Rootstock Ottawa 3
Roundway Magnum Bonum
Rous La Tour
Royal Jubilee
Saint Edmund's Russet
Saint Lawrence
Scarlet Nonpareil
Scarlet Staymared
Sharps Nonsuch
Somerset Redstreak
Starking Hi Early
Stark's Earliest
Stayman's Winesap
Stewart's Seedling
Stokes Red
Striped Beefing
Sturmer Pippin
Sugar Loaf Pippin
Summer Strawberry
Sunbury Late
Sweet Alford
Sweet Coppin
Symond's Winter
Tremlett's Bitter
Tropical Beauty
Twenty Ounce
Tydeman's Early Worcester
Upton Pyne
Vista Bella
Wandin Pride
Warragul Surprise
White Crab Apple
Willy Sharp
Winter Banana
Winter Majetin
Woolbrook Russet
Worcester Pearmain
Yarlington Mill
Yellow Transparent
Yorkshire Beauty

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