Antique Apple Tastings

During summer and autumn, HFS runs a series of public Antique Apple Tasting Events at the HFS Orchard Block at scenic Petty's Orchard at 1 Homestead Road in Templestowe. These Events provide a unique opportunity to sample a range of our hundreds of apple varieties. Here's what you can expect at one of these events:

  • sampling of about fifteen of the varieties which are at their peak state of ripeness at the time
  • some other unusual fruits of the season to try out
  • some palate-cleansing nibbles as well
  • a guided tour of the most interesting features of the HFS Heritage Block
  • answers to all your interesting questions

To whet your appetite, here are a few of the famous varieties which may be on offer at Tastings at different times:

  • Early season [Jan-Feb]: Vista Bella, Carolina Red June, Red Astrachan
  • Mid season [Mar-Apr]: Opalescent, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Discovery
  • Late season [Apr-May]: Blenheim Orange, Andre Sauvage, Scarlet Staymared

Please note that pre-bookings are required to attend a Tasting. 

For group or special enquiries, please ring 0449 508 318 .

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