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    • Thu, April 30, 2020
    • (UTC+10:00)
    • Mon, August 31, 2020
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     Tree and Scion Sales – Winter 2020

    All HFS events are on hold until further notice.


    Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation, we will probably not run our annual tree sales and grafting demonstration day in August. Instead, we will sell scion and one-year-old trees by internet order this winter – pre-order and collect or have them mailed to you.

    We expect to have:

    • -          A list of 1-y-o apple trees to choose from - $25 each. Until sold. See below.
    • -          A list of apple scion to choose from - $3 each. Enough for 2 grafts if possible. Subject to availability. All the varieties in our orchard are potentially available.
    • -          An apple tree which we will graft for you. We will keep the tree for 6-8 weeks (until the graft takes – then mail or pick-up). $15 each pre-paid. If the graft fails, your money returned or a new tree grafted. Any variety in the orchard, subject to scion availability.
    • -          A small number of one or 2-y-o plum trees grafted on Marianna dwarfing rootstock - $25 ea. In pots, mostly too big to post, so pick-up only.
    • -          Postage extra.


    The Process

    • -          Email with your request. In order of receipt we will advise you of availability and calculate cost, including postage.
    • -          If we have what you want, deposit the appropriate amount in our account.
    • -          Once payment is received, from July onwards, we will post to you or arrange for you to collect (probably Fairfield or Templestowe).
    • -          Postage estimate. Scion $9. Trees $20. Check with us before paying.




    Albany Beauty

    Andre Savage

    Blenhiem Orange


    Bramleys' Seedling

    Butters Early Red

    Cox’s Orange Pippin

    Delicious Hi-Early

    Delicious Richared


    Egremont Russet



    Geeveston Fanny

    Granny Smith


    Irish Peach

    Jersey Mac

    John Downie

    Kid’s Orange Red 

    King David

    Lord Suffield 



    Monarch Cross

    Orleans Reinette

    Orleans Reinette + Red Winter  Pearmain $30

    Pine Golden Pippin


    Red Limbertwig

    Red Winter Permian

    Reinette Du Canada 

    Rhode Island Greening


    Rome Beauty


    Scarlet Non-Pariel

    Scarlet Staymared

    Somerset Redstreak



    Stayman’s Winesap

    Stewart's Seedling

    Sweet Alford

    Tydeman's Early Worcester

    Winter Banana

    Yarlington Mill


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